Suzi Grant: "I've got flabby thighs, but - so what? My legs work!"

Feb 19, 05:10 PM

Suzi Grant is an inspirational blogger, author & broadcaster who has made it her mission to spread the positive ageing message to encourage others to feel good no matter what their age. There is no age limit on feeling good! 

The tagline on Suzi's Alternative Ageing website reads: Vintage lady..vintage style. And style and an infectious zest for life is something she oozes in droves. 

In this episode Linda and Suzi chat about the huge impact her mother's death had on her and how it spurred her on to really look after her health and well being and the marked impact that learning to blog and vlog has had on her brain function and memory. 

You can follow Suzi on twitter @alternativeage or Instagram @alternativeageing 

Huge thank you to the wonderful Suzi for joining us and inspiring us tenfold.