The little painter – Alessandro Del Piero

Feb 20, 2019, 07:00 AM

Jimbo is joined by Gab Marcotti to discuss one of Serie A’s greatest ever players, Juventus legend Alessandro Del Piero.

Originally thought of as the back-up to Baggio, 19 seasons later, Del Piero had established himself as a Juve icon, winning everything there was to win, including the World Cup with Italy.

A humble man who went on a journey and inspired devotion in Turin, the star of this week’s Golazzo.


• PART 1a: Del Piero’s beginnings at Juve (01m 25s)

• PART 1b: Del Piero’s friendship with Eros Ramazzotti (04m 45s)

• PART 2a: Del Piero’s definitive goal against Fiorentina in 1994 (07m 15s)

• PART 2b: The Del Piero signature goal (11m 30s)

• PART 3a: Injuries and Inzaghi (15m 00s)

• PART 3b: Del Piero’s international career (21m 40s)

• PART 3c: Del Piero’s personal life (25m 20s)

• PART 4a: Del Piero leaves Juventus in 2012 (26m 30s)

• PART 4b: Del Piero’s personality and legacy (32m 00s)


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