Champions Tour Pro Donnie Hammond & CircleRock Founder & CEO Paul Grangaard Join Me on Next on the Tee Golf Podcast

Episode 198,  Feb 20, 2019, 01:42 PM

Donnie Hammond, 2 time winner on Tour, and CircleRock Founder & CEO Paul Grangaard join me on this edition of Next on the Tee Golf Podcast.

Donnie Hammond shared his thoughts on some of the new rules and the penalty strokes Rickie Fowler incurred when his drop rolled back into the water. We also talked his win at the 1986 Bob Hope Chrysler Classic, what funny comment Bob Hope remarked on air when Donnie was making his run on the back 9 during the final round, what the loudest crowd was that he ever played in front of, and his new venture with TDJ Golf.

Paul Grangaard talked about why he left being CEO of Allen Edmonds Shoes to start CircleRock, which is a made in the USA men's clothes online retailer. We talked about some of the amazing interviews he's recently done with US Bank Vice Chairman Tim Welsh and Minnesota Vikings COO Kevin Warren. We also talked about why it's so important to him that all of their items remain made here in the USA. Check out their clothes and very cool gift online at