Alan McGee on Definitely Maybe 25th anniversary

Feb 21, 12:01 AM

Hello and welcome back to the Oasis Podcast. 

Huge episode today - Alan McGee. Head of Creation Records and the man that discovered Oasis.

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0:00 Liam Intro

0:30 JC intro the episode, plus Oasis news - 

Noel intimate gigs announced 

Noel not allowing Liam to use Oasis songs in his documentary

Tony McCarroll Live Q&A tickets still available

4:26 Clip of Oasis at King Tut's - MTV

5:33 Alan McGee interview

9:28 Oasis - Bring It On Down 

13:10 Oasis - Slide Away 

16:53 Oasis - Cigarettes & Alcohol 

20:59 Cast - Fine Time

27:44 Oasis - Some Might Say (Demo)

33:15 Oasis - Slide Away

35:36 JC on the Britpop Revival Show

36:11 Pulp - Do You Remember The First Time

46:27 Oasis - Its Better People

46:56 Patreon thanks, iTunes, reviews, social media info etc

48:48 Oasis - Stay Young

49:32 Bonus track