Episode 113: For the Love of Roma

Feb 22, 05:37 AM

Oh… you didn't like our review of Roma?! Ok… we see you. After we released our “Episode 111: Roma Redux,” in which Babelito and FavyFav deconstructed Alfonso Cuarón’s Roma. They received so many responses that they decided to do a Listener Letters episode about it. Is Roma more than a win for Mexico? Is Cleo more nuanced than it appears at first sight or just an underdeveloped character? Los chicos de LWL reconsider several points of the film and re-affirm others after listening to your comments. Thank you everyone who sent then emails, and please remember that  you can direct your questions to AskLWLPod@gmail.com and they might read them on a future episode. A big special thank you to Myte from Cabronas y Chingonas Podcast for editing this episode for Favy because he was a mess this week! #podsincolor #supportbrownpodcasts #supportlatinxpodcasts #lwlpod