Love After Lockup, Sister Wives & Seeking Sister Wife

Feb 23, 04:42 PM

The Grammy Awards brought out some insane “fashion”, while the Big Brother House kicked out 2 players. Over on 60 Days In, an inmate inspires a group mediation and the womens’ pod sees some shenanigans going on with the guards. There are a few new shows on Netflix that I’ve been binging, as well as a podcast that has given me reason to ignore all household obligations.

This week on Love After Lockup (17:31), Clint asks a lawyer how to use a telephone and Scott, per usual, talks to a wall. Sister Wives (33:25) saw another engagement, this time without street tacos and tres leches. Mexican Hot Chocolate-themed showers are TBD. On Seeking Sister Wife (42:22), I start smelling a few rats. Not just the skating rink kind, the liar liar poly-pants on fire kind.

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