EPL & rest of the world roundup | Episode 28 | Season 18-19 | The lunatics are running the asylum

Feb 25, 12:11 AM

Stel and Rhodri Giggs are joined by Coach Kojo (3InMidfield and Footy Says) and Dubul Dee (D&D Footy Factory) in this week's review show.

On the agenda:

  • Liverpool fail to capitalise on a depleted United
  • Klopp's "lads weekend" backfires
  • No Kabaddi goals for Burnley
  • Tottenham's defenders suffer from Narcolepsy
  • Pochettino feeling the pressure?
  • Huddersfield preparing for another relegation battle
  • Puel gets the inevitable sack
  • Kepa undermines Sarri in a huge way
  • What next for the Chelsea keeper?

All this plus our European review and Guess Who game!