The 2019 Oscars

Feb 25, 2019, 12:00 PM
It's finally here y'all! It's been an interesting awards season, and last night it all came to an end. We had so much fun watching this ceremony, and honestly we didn't even miss having a host. There were the wins we expected (Bohemian Rhapsody for Sound Editing and Mixing) the wins we hoped and prayed for (Black Panther for Costume Design and Production Design) and then there were the losses we mourned (Animated Short/Live Action, and Original Screen Play). Olivia Coleman was a welcomed surprise, while Green Book was an unpleasant upset. It was a roller coaster of a night!

Thanks for coming along with us on this Oscar season and for supporting our Conversations with Oscar series! Stay tuned until the end of this episode for some hints at what is in store for our second season…it's coming real soon! 


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