Below and Above the Waterline

Feb 25, 11:20 AM

Yellowstone coots reimagined by Lee Clift.

"I listened to the sound clip a number of times and produced three different compositions, the second of these was chosen to develop into the finished piece. It involved extensive audio manipulation to produce birdlike sounds in a state of transformation, I came up with a keyboard sound that had the effect of submersion, a sense of looking up from under the waterline, at that point an idea was formed that the piece was going to be about observation and emersion, Field recordings of this nature could one day be just a matter of history, so I wanted to capture a sense of the evolution of environments and states of being, the disappearing natural order of things.

This piece is an immersion of thought, it is best heard walking in nature, preferably with the morning mist streaming through the trees."

Part of the Yellowstone project - see for more.

Photo by Vasiliki Volkova on Unsplash