From Quetzals to Magpies

Season 1, Episode 2,  Feb 25, 2019, 02:10 PM

In this episode, we interview New Mexico based artist, Jade Leyva-Frouge and focus on her painting titled, "From Quetzals to Magpies," where she tackles the issue of immigration through the portrayal of identity, economic struggle, environment, and culture. Our hosts provide a poetic and vivid portrayal of the painting while focusing on Jade's magical realism style of painting.  

UndocuTalks is a podcast produced by immigrant youth centered on the premise of informing, educating, and sharing culture.

Feature Interview: 

Jade Leyva-Frouge @jadeleyvart

Show Hosts:

Melisa Garcia @melichapoeta

Alejandro Mendiaz-Rivera @alejandromagno31

Rafael A. Martinez @undocu_scholar

Creative Segments:

Paola Monarrez @pmonarrez

Sound Engineer:

Froilan Orozco -