Trauma Healing in South Sudan Critical for Peace Building - Anyieth D' Awol

Episode 816,  Feb 27, 2019, 05:22 AM

Anyieth D’ Awol, is the face behind the “Remembering The Ones We Lost”, an ambitious project initiated with an aim to record and document the deaths of all victims of armed violence in South Sudan since 1955.

Currently Anyieth says her passion is to document and memorialize of civilians killed and members of armed groups

“You have children dying in the conflict, you have women who are dying in the conflict, you have old people dying in the conflict, you have the future, so it’s like an assault on the future.”

Anyieth believes that trauma healing is critical, to “give additional meaning to cries for peace and be a tool for understanding and reconciliation amongst South Sudanese individuals and communities."

Anyieth told Sebit William in an interview that trauma, fear, anxiety and depression are just some of the stressful factors that resonate in the lives of many people in South Sudan who have lost their loved ones.

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