EP 58: How to bring magic to the mundane - interview with Tiu de Haan

Feb 28, 07:30 AM

Last week Selina went to visit the wonderful Tiu de Haan - the ritual designer, creative facilitator and intuitive mentor who has among her list of clients, the United Nations, L’Oreal, Google, neuroscientists, economists, world-leading quantum physicists and burnt out Londoners!

Selina joined Tiu on her magical boat in the heart of London to discover how she helps people to create moments of meaning in their daily lives and experiences that bring them back into a deeper connection with themselves. 

Join them as they talk about:

How to reawaken your sense of wonder

How to bring magic to the mundane 

How to honour your natural ebbs and flows in life

How to create micro moments in the day to reconnect to your deeper self

How to align your life with your natural seasons, cycles and daily energy rhythms

How to master the art of napping 

Radical self care

and a whole lot more!

To find out more about Tiu - her online courses, workshops and 1-2-1 adventures (where you get to hang out in her magical boat too!) head over here. (There are all sorts of wonderful games and online classes for you to choose from in her online shop, so be sure to check it out!)

And if you’d like to buy the online course - Possibility of Wonder - then simply enter LOVE when you get to the checkout and you’ll get £20 off! 

Lots of love, 

Vicki and Selina