Live session with Chalk Horse Music 28th January 2019

Feb 27, 2019, 09:53 PM

Lovely session with Liz, Dave, Ben & Darren from Chalk Horse Music. As well as playing 4 live tracks for us, we touched on various things including autoharps, June Carter Cash, Sammy Smiths, Folky Bees, the Rozzers, Shirley Collins, Tea-chest basses, "the mythical Richard", Hastings, Jenny Lind, pirates, Murder Ballads, Kate Rusby, stitching EPs into LPs, local bookshops, parrots and of course, the growing mandolin.

Tracks played live for us were:

1) The Cuckoo

2) Emily Kaye

3) Telling of the Bees

4) Sunbeam

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