Gymnastics Special: Laura Gallagher

Mar 02, 07:00 AM

Will Moulton hosts a gymnastics special episode of the podcast with 2017 British trampoline champion Laura Gallagher.

In this special Laura reveals all about the mental struggles that led to her break from the sport prior to claiming her maiden individual British title in 2017.

Having won team European and World gold medals in 2013 and 2014 respectively, struggles with injury, confidence, identity and her mental health soon took over. 

After reaching the lowest point of her career, Gallagher took the decision to step away from trampolining in late 2016 but she was totally unaware that the problems were seeping into her personal life as well as her sporting life.

In particular she struggled with the nagging sense she hadn't fulfilled her potential.

But eventually things started to turn around, thanks to a job interview, a new-found relationship with her boss and the rediscovery of her love of sport. 

Now she is back as a full-time athlete, and the journey to qualify for her first Olympic Games has already begun.


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Image credit: With thanks to Laura Gallagher

Music: Otis McDonald