Haunted Ohio | Part 1 | The Grave Talks

Mar 11, 09:00 AM

Locked in what is known as America’s “Rust Belt”, Ohio is a land that was once rich in industry and progress. Today, many of its once thriving communities as struggling to survive. Declining industry, aging factories, and a falling population have all left a negative impact on this once strong backbone of America. With this rich history and negative decline, comes emotions. Strong emotions that seem to feed the spirits of generations past. Souls of those who may have left this earth in living form, yet still roam the physical locations they helped build. The souls that make up Haunted Ohio.

On today’s episode of The Grave Talks, we talk about the many haunted Ohio locations investigated by John Kachuba.


In part two of our interview, available only to Grave Keepers, we discuss:

There are many battlefields in Ohio. Many are the final resting spot for soldiers of another time, who are they and why do they still haunt the ground where they perished?

What happened at a theater that once was the site of soldier’s bodies being stacked ground to the ceiling?

What are some of the most haunted Cemeteries in Ohio?

Haunted Ohio Hotels: What are some of the most active locations and who haunts them?

What are some of the least likely places to find a ghost in Ohio? ?

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