The Woke Corporation: how has campus madness entered the workplace?

Mar 07, 07:51 PM

This week, we look at the rise of woke corporations, and how concepts like 'microaggressions', 'allyship', and 'toxic masculinity' are starting to enter the workplace (00:30). We also hear about Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau - he's fallen from grace, and does he have anyone to blame but himself (13:35)? Plus, we hear about Shanghai's marriage market (20:00), and there's even an apology from Rod Liddle at the end (28:35).

With Toby Young, Berkeley Wilde, Leah McLaren, Leyland Cecco, Cindy Yu, Yuan Ren, Rod Liddle, and James Bartholomew.

Presented by Lara Prendergast.

Produced by Cindy Yu and Siva Thaganrajah.