Literary Loitering 100 - 100 Years Of Very Successful Pimpery

Mar 11, 04:39 PM

It’s party time for the cultural anarchists as we finally hit 100 episodes!

Now that we’re officially fogeys of the podcasting world we cast a weathered gaze over the recent happenings, and offer our usual derisive, sorry, decisive commentary on things like French festival that have been criticised for using “forbidden” English words, exhibitions of erotic literature that include works by Roger Pheuquewell (this is not a joke), prisoners in Nottingham are getting high on Harry Potter, and more. 

After that we look at some of the words that were first noted down a century ago before we dive into the murky world of books that people people claim to have read (in an effort to look smart), but actually haven’t. 

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Thanks, and until next time, don't read anything we wouldn't!

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