Departure Lounge Chats MAFS with Billy

Episode 286,  Mar 12, 2019, 08:48 AM

Hold onto your wine glass... Billy is ready to unleash.

In this season of Married of First Sight, 4 intruders were partnered up and launched into the experiment, when 10 couples had already said I Do (and two couples had already said I don't).

Bubbly and upbeat, single mum Susie has struggled to find the ‘crazy love’ she dreams of since parting ways with her childhood sweetheart. Mother of three-year-old daughter, Baby, Susie found herself single for the first time since the age of 14, when her partner moved out 18 months ago.

Susie admits she focuses too much on good looks and often finds herself attracted to bad boys who lose interest when they realize she’s a mother, so she’s yet to figure out her type and find a deeper connection with a solid match.  Living on a 6.5 acre property with her mother, who helps Susie to juggle working life with being mum, she feels it’s time to find someone who can see who she is beyond the young single mum.

(TBH We soon see past that bubby and upbeat persona.)

She's been partnered up with Billy.

Billy is a deep-thinking and highly sensitive model and personal trainer who is the only child of a single mum who he is incredibly close to. His mother left his dad when Billy was very young – Billy has never seen him since and has never met his two half -siblings from his father’s subsequent relationship.

The keen actor and model studied a Bachelor of Performing Arts and spent his early 20s traveling up and down the north coast, surfing, working in small towns and keeping to himself. When his mother was diagnosed with cancer, he moved back home to be with his family – he describes this as his wake-up call.  His mother is now in full remission, and Billy is determined to make a more constructive life for himself. He believes in love at first sight and just hopes the feelings are mutual for his new wife.

Susie spoke to several media outlets this week where she slammed her "husband" Billy.

“Billy is legitimately an actor, he did a degree at university so from the very beginning he made it quite clear that he was on the show to further his career and when I didn’t respond the same, he took 100 steps backward and from that minute I was onto him and it was bit of a nightmare.”

“Oh so hard, its 100% not how I thought it would be shown, I naively thought it would be both mine and Billy’s warts shown but unfortunately that’s not how it has played out,”

“I totally was not expecting for you not to see any of, I thought it was more interesting including all his psycho ways as well as mine but obviously not the case."

Outraged by these statements, Billy checked into the Departure Lounge with Stampsy and Josh, to air his side of the story.

Billy does not hold back his opinions on his "wife", confirming where their relationship currently stands.