Lies & Prison Pies

Mar 14, 05:00 AM

Leaving Neverland, Meg Markle, RHOBH, and oh, did you hear about A-Rod & JLo’s engagement? So did Jose Conseco! This has some potential to get uglier than the reviews for Gigli. Speaking of massive failures, Caitlin & Matt’s relationship hits the skids like their mommy-laundered undies on Love After Lockup this week (11:31). Meanwhile the longest episode of House Hunters EVER continues on Sister Wives (34:14). Oh, and Mitch shows his turd-potential by being a complete Debbie Downer at all times. But the Royal Turd award goes to the Snowdens on Seeking Sister Wife (47:13) for their unfailing persistence to be the most judgmental, unaccepting, self-righteous hypocrites of all time.

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