Breaking the rules with Unorthodox Designs' Vishnu, Samiksha and Saalanki

Season 1, Episode 4,   Mar 15, 2019, 02:30 AM


Unorthodox designs is an independently-owned design studio, founded by three young and passionate creators who believe in translating happiness into spaces. Specializing in different mediums of architecture and design, Unorthodox design's work transforms the ordinary into beauty, with functionality at its core.
Their portfolio ranges from high-end hospitality spaces, commercial outlets to luxurious residences. They believe that one size doesn't fit all and they cater to every client’s needs individually. From efficient solutions to new-age contemporary styles, Unorthodox designs demonstrate that design can be glamorous, fresh and chic at the same time.

Unorthodox Design's work:

Instagram - @un.orthodoxdesigns

Time Stamps: Following are some highlights from the conversation

1:26 - (Eesha) Let's talk about what Unorthodox Designs is about

3:28 - (Eesha) Where and how did Unorthodox Designs start?

4:10 - (Samiksha) In college the three of us used to do our group projects together 

8:28 - (Salanki) Even when we were in a job, we were managing everything on our own

8:51 - (Samiksha) We've had great bosses

11:11 - (Salanki) To come out of the comfort zone of a salary, took us a year

12:15 - (Salanki) The first person we went to ( to talk about starting a firm) was our boss 

13:30 - (Samiksha) I think working for ourselves is more satisfying than working for someone else

15:47 - (Eesha) How did you choose the name of the firm?

21:20 - (Eesha) How did you land your first project?

24:00 - (Samiksha) We've never had blurred lines with our roles in the firm

27:12 - (Salanki) We didn't ask for money from any of our parents to set up the firm

28:33 - (Samiksha) All we needed was a site, a table, a project and a laptop

29:22 - (Eesha) How did you find your team - consultants, contractors and vendors

30:20 - (Vishnu) Previous vendors who i had worked with told me that the day I opened my firm, they'd come and work with me

32:57 - (Samiksha) You have to be very strategic with finances and cash flow

34:15 - (Vishnu) What we realized after opening a firm is that there is a lot of paper work involved (related to finance)

34:32 - (Samiksha) It's a lot more than being a design, its about finances, execution, coordination 

45:07 - (Eesha) How did you develop a design language?

46:56 - (Samiksha) As designers, you need to be flexible, you cant be egoistic about it

52:27 - (Salanki) We critique each other all the time

1:00:00 - (Samiksha) That is our USP, that we execute our projects really fast

1:05:00 - (Salanki) Most o our learning is from our vendors and contractors

1:10:00 - (Samiksha)Just because you're scared, shouldn't restrict you from doing new things

1:18:00 - (Vishnu) No one in our families is an architect, we all are the first architects in our families