Mar 19, 12:07 PM

Beryl Spring reimagined by Lisa Rae Bartolomei.

"Yellowstone, the super volcano has always been a source of fear and fascination of mine. A living roaring beast that at any point could annihilate our existence on earth, yet it teems with life. There's something primordial, like the Titans of Greek Mythology about this place. There was a sense of foreboding that I tried to permeate throughout the piece. The idea of a breathing, living Primordial organism birthing a differentiated sound world , like the early cosmos. It builds to an explosion that doesn't happen, because we still wait for that moment. Any day the monster could break loose. Every sound you hear is derived from the original recording manipulated through spectral and time stretching software such as Audio sculpt and Paul Stretch and combined with synthesis and delays and GRM tools."

Part of the Yellowstone project - see for more.