Photographer of the digital age Niveditaa Gupta

Season 1, Episode 5,   Mar 22, 2019, 02:30 AM


Niveditaa Gupta has an architecture photography studio in Delhi. Her interest in photography has been growing since her bachelor's degree when she did her dissertation on architecture photography. As founder, Niveditaa has a bachelor's degree from Sushant School of Art & Architecture, Gurgaon in architecture and has a masters degree in fine art photography from IED Spain.

Niveditaa Gupta's work:

Instagram - @niveditaagupta

Time Stamps: Following are some highlights from the conversation

1:08 - (Eesha) How did you go from architecture to photography? 
4:15 - (Niveditaa) While reading for my dissertation I came across the work of Helene Binet
4:36 - (link) Vivian Maier
Annie Leibovitz
4:55 - (Niveditaa) She (Helene) made me like Zaha Hadid's work
6:18 - (Niveditaa) I remember being up at three in the morning writing a mail to Helene Binet
10:40 - (Niveditaa) He (Prabhu Mohanty) really encouraged me to pick up the camera
11:31 - (Niveditaa) I took pictures for R+D Studio for their project Primera and that stayed in my mind 
12:53 - (Eesha) After sending the mail did Helene call you to Spain? 
13:26 - (Niveditaa) After doing a few shoots I felt that I needed to do something in photography that was not commercial
15:45 - (Eesha) How much do you plan before a shoot? 
18:57 - (Eesha) What made you stick to architecture photography when people around you were working on intangible and ambiguous concepts? 
21:45 - (Niveditaa) I write to some lighting design firms in the US
22:48 - (Niveditaa) I can't have the same work schedule everyday, it frustrates me
23:56 - (Eesha) When you came back from Spain did you have a game plan? 
27:30 - (Eesha) Do you think you hit a niche with architecture photography? 
28:01 - (Niveditaa) There isn't much knowledge about the styles of architecture photography that exist outside India 
29:05 - (Niveditaa) I never took photos of interiors in artificial light
29:48 - (Link)  Art Centre by Mahesh Radha Krishnan, Chennai
Link -
31:53 - (Niveditaa) I always approach my projects as a collaboration 
36:00 - (Niveditaa) I love the way light falls on a building. When you turn a picture into black and white, you remove one dimension of space that is time
43:00 - (Niveditaa) You can't tell how much photoshop goes into an image anymore
43:22 - (Niveditaa) We are in a world of post photography 

59:07 - (link) Muralla Nazari