Episode 83: Don't Be Suspicious

Mar 24, 04:00 PM

This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ Dumbledore sucks. Just kidding...he’s just a master manipulator.→ Was Dumbledore’s level of trust with Newt comparable to that of Tom Riddle and/or Harry?→ Discussing how we’d feel if an old school teacher hit you up for a favor...→ When the last movie comes out (in a hundred years), how old will we be? Best answer- 30, flirty, and thriving!→ Discussing Dumbledore’s use of and desire for Newt’s “Cinnamon Roll Energy”.→ Is Dumbledore the cool dad? Is he still capable of love? Or was he ever truly?→ Were Dumbledore and Grindy changed for good...or just The Greater Good?!→ Delving into HP/FaBe cross theories of “what if’s” and evil alternate universes.→ Bring on Rita Skeeter! She’ll find the necessary “behind the scenes info” we crave!→ Newt Case: Leprechauns! Naughty naughty leprechauns...or should it be Leprecorn? → Who would win the gold...leprechauns or nifflers?

Podcast Question: Is Dumbledore’s constant manipulation justified?