Stuart Semple: "Your body is a chemistry lab - the best one ever made!"

Mar 26, 2019, 11:34 AM

Stuart Semple is a British artist, curator, activist and the creator of some of the most thought provoking public art installations around the world. His most ambitious came in 2018 when he revealed Happy City where he had created numerous large scale public interventions throughout Denver.

An ambassador for the charity Mind, Stuart collaborated with them to initiate the creative therapies fund throughout England and Wales. Mental health is a topic close to his heart and is a topic that is explored through much of his work. 

In this episode, Stuart shares his heartening journey towards better mental health as he and Dr Linda discuss the importance of "taking your own temperature" when it comes to your emotional health and well being. 

Many thanks to Stuart for sharing his story with us! Keep up to date with what Stuart is up to on Twitter and Instagram @stuartsemple.