Kate Wolfenden, Co-founder of Project X Global - Helping Entire Industries Step Change Their Sustainability Performance

Mar 30, 2019, 08:30 AM

Kate Wolfenden is the co-founder of Project X, a WWF founded corporate accelerator which helps organisations adopt sustainable innovations in their supply chains. 

Their focus is to help entire industries step change their sustainability performance, aiming at shifting $1.3 trillion in purchasing power from unsustainable sources to sustainable sources by 2030. The vision for this programme is to radically reduce the environmental footprint of 10 industry value chains in 10 years. 

Kate is an innovator at heart, she believes in system optimisation and system change. She believes that the change in the next 11 years are the most important for humanity.

Highlights of this episode include:

  • Creation of the sustainable S-bond markets and the Sustainable Finance and Investment Corporation
  • China's sovereign wealth fund’s cornerstone investment in the Global Green Investment Bank
  • Who could be due a sustainability Nobel Prize?
  • How to get involved with impact investment
  • How to change 10 industries in 10 years sustainable supply chains with Project X
  • Importance of system change with John Elkington of Volans
  • Importance of social entrepreneur communities such as Future Planet Rocks
  • Kerry Adler on why having hope is important but taking action is the only strategy
  • Inspiring mentors that helped Kate to get where she is now
  • Asking yourself how you can be of service

Useful Link:

Project X Global - https://projectxglobal.com/

Kate Wolfenden Linkedin - https://www.linkedin.com/in/katewolfenden/

Marcela Navarro CEO of Project X - https://www.linkedin.com/in/marcela-navarro-1769bbb/

His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco - https://www.fpa2.org/accueil.html

Jean Baptiste Oldenhove of Estari Group- https://www.estarigroup.com/

Mungo Park of Innovator Captial - http://www.innovator-capital.com/

Carl Pratt of Future Planet - http://www.futureplanet.rocks/

Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance - https://www.gavi.org/

John Elkington of Volans - https://volans.com/

Kerry Adler of Skypower - https://skypower.com/

Christiana Figueres and Global Optimism- http://globaloptimism.com/


[02:12] Systems optimisation and systems change

[05:32] Access to Finance

[07:54] Sustainable Finance and Investment Corporation - Mungo Park

[12:17] About Carl Pratt and Future Planet Rocks community 

[13:50] Working with John Elkington of Volans, founder of the triple bottom line

[15:51] Project X, how it works

[19:19] Feed X, enabling sustainable ingredients

[23:45] Scaling innovation within a corporation

[26:54] How impact investors can get involved

[28:49] Estari Group's investment thesis and system change approach

[31:45] Future Planet Rocks and Fast Forward 2030 events

[33:53] Kerry Adler of Skypower on having faith and hope

[37:41] Trust, forgiveness & Hope

[38:06] Ban Ki-Moon on getting coherence at a global level 

[39:58] Project X Report

[42:29] Who is Kate? Being an entrepreneur and asking why?

[46:28] What it means to be a leader?  

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