ReThrones: Season 4 ReWatch

Mar 30, 08:59 PM
The is a re-post from before Season 7

Welcome back to A STORM OF SPOILERS! It's time for a REWATCH of the previous six seasons of Game of Thrones, it's ReThrones! Joanna, Neil, and Da7e have returned to their Citadel in the center of Crazytown and have settled in for the ramp up to Season 7 of Game of Thrones! This week, we only have to put up with two episodes of Joffery before Game of Thrones begins it's pivot from War of the Five Kings to a series about bad things happening to be people we like. Luckily, Oberyn Martell is around to provide an important death milestone after we're pulled into a season of politics and made-up Craster's Keep stuff. Follow Neil (@rejects), Joanna (@jowrotethis), Da7e (@da7e) and the show (@StormofSpoilers) on Twitter!  A Storm of Spoilers theme by schädel