Charged Particles

Mar 31, 08:57 AM

Voyager tsunami waves reimagined by Gavin Morrow.

"'Charged Particles' starts with a wall of discordant electronic glitches and static noise, representing a disruptive interstellar 'Tsunami Wave' (recorded by the Voyager 1 probe in the original field recording). This shock wave slowly dissipates, and we are left to drift onwards through the tranquil blackness of space.

For this recomposed piece, I took a tiny section of the Voyager 1 recording and looped it to create the seed of a drone sound. This was then digitally time-stretched, with added reverb to smooth it out. From this I created a series of audio stems with which to work with. Each of the stems were treated in different ways, using effects pedals, with varying amounts of distortion, granular synthesis, delay and reverb. The layers were recorded onto cassettes, and mixed on a pair of four-track tape recorders."

Part of the Space is the Place project - for more information, see