Cathy Guisewite, Creator, Award-Winning Comic Strip "Cathy" and Author, "50 Things That Aren't My Fault"

Apr 01, 07:01 AM

The cartoon "Cathy" ran for 34 years and won every major award. It's creator has a one of the best comedy minds EVER and her pointed, smart comedy is on display in this funny interview where she hits on MANY things she is perplexed by like, how she can't get a man to email her but after searching for a juicer on-line, "Mr. Juicer" emails her all the time. A fascinating look at what inspired her cartoon, how it reflected all the things she was going through as a young woman, and her new book which picks up where her cartoon left off as it hilariously lists all the things she refuses to be blamed for as a mom and woman.