Authors and Narrators Easter Holiday Special

Apr 19, 11:55 AM

Red Szell and Robert Kirkwood go through the Read On and Talking Books archive for some great interviews.

Narrators Kate Okello and Penelope Freeman tell Red about some favourites. (Starts at 1.00)

Will Self talks to Robert Kirkwood about his Booker shortlisted book Umbrella (Starts at 8.22)

Giles Abbot, the UK's only blind narrator, tells Red how he got started in the industry (Starts at 23.38)

Robert Kirkwood interviews comedienne and narrator Juliette Burton live on stage at the Edinburgh International Book Festival (Starts at 35.00)

And finally Red Szell talks to psychoanalyst Stephen Grosz about his book 'The Examined Life' (Starts at 42.22)