Live session with Hybrid Kid 7th January 2019

Apr 04, 2019, 08:22 AM

Great chat with Danny & Tim from Hybrid Kid. Covered all important issues that needed covering, including the exact whereabouts of drummer Matia, (packing juggling balls in a lock up in Portslade apparently). Also mentioned Irish Nanny being new single, releasing music on vinyl, Danny's artwork, NOT doing Dry January, Olly @ The Admiral (and gigging at The Admiral too), the Hybridettes and Hybridudes, ordering a Lime & soda, getting festival gigs, the current mood of the crowd at gigs & just how many unrecorded HK tracks there are "floating about"…

Tracks played were:

1) Setting Sun (live)

2) Irish Nanny (ep track)

3) Endless (live)

4) David Lean (ep track)

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