Following the steps of Jesus - Part 1A

Apr 07, 2019, 03:27 PM

In this month of April, the prophetic theme for the month has been released in a special way by the man of God through the Holy Spirit as "What Manner of Love of  is this?", (1John 3:1). A theme like no other, the message was taught with Divine inspiration, revealing the true love of God through His son Jesus Christ to the world.

Pastor Obed Joy Obeng is the Senior Pastor of Miracle Manna Church, Kumasi.

He is the Radio Pastor at Luv 99.5 FM, Kumasi of the mega program "PRAYERLINE", a network of praying believers, where thousands around the world join him as he leads them in prayers victoriously in Christ to command their morning to influence their day on Mondays to Fridays @ 2 am - 5 am.

Pastor Obed also organizes a monthly all-night service dubbed BREAKTHROUGH Night at his church, where there is a massive attendance with the Spirit of God moving and operating freely to touch lives and fulfill destinies for major breakthroughs and testimonies in all facet of life.

Join the man of God live on Facebook for his e-church & Prayerline on; #Pastor Obed Da Bishop #Da Bishop #Prayerline on Luv 99.5 FM.