Mayor Pete, Democrats, and the Religious Left

Season 2, Episode 8,   Apr 09, 2019, 03:33 PM

We are back! (Sort of.) With everyone but your condo board president jumping into the Democratic presidential race, and an astonishing number of them comfortable talking about issues of faith and morality, we couldn't just sit by and watch.

This week Amy is joined by Guest Co-Host Extraordinaire Jack Jenkins, a national correspondent for Religion News Service. Jack has interviewed a number of the Democratic candidates about their faith and has some insights into why Democrats may be recognizing the value of religious progressives. 

This episode is the first in a series: "Leveling the Praying Field: Democrats, Religion & 2020." If you have questions you'd like answered or related topics you want to see us tackle, reach out via Twitter at @ImpolitePod.

Discussed This Week:

Evangelicals helped get Trump into the White House. Pete Buttigieg believes the religious left will get him out. (Sarah Pulliam Bailey, Washington Post)

Julián Castro: Catholicism 'has never been far from my life'(Jack Jenkins, Religion News Service)

Pete Buttigieg on faith, his marriage, and Mike Pence (Father Edward Beck, CNN)

Pollster says progressive 2020 candidate with faith ties would be valuable asset (The Hill)

Cory Booker: 'I'm calling for a revival of grace in this country' (Jack Jenkins, Religion News Service)

Mayor Pete Buttigieg's countercultural approach to Christianity is what America needs now (Kirsten Powers, USA Today)

Clip of Pete Buttigieg on Real Time with Bill Maher

Booker and Warren fuse faith and politics in appeal to mainline preachers (Jack Jenkins, Religion News Service)

The real meaning of Barack Obama's speech on religion and politics (Amy Sullivan, Slate)