Johnnie Walker - Pirate, BBC and commercial presenter

Apr 09, 07:22 PM

Forever the rebel. 

In this edition of #Radiomoments ‘Conversations’, enjoy a full hour with Johnnie Walker. Hear how his early love for radio led to a surprise appointment to the pirate Radio England, and then on to Caroline, where he achieved huge popularity and famously was one of very few who stayed on board as the station went from illegitimacy to illegality. Johnnie opens up about his Radio 1 days where, like all so many greats, he was to come into conflict with management about music policy. America beckoned, before he returned, eventually to spend some time in commercial radio, before returning to Radio 1, and subsequently to Radio 2.

Hear too of Johnnie’s illness – and of the happiness he’s now found.

In his own words, this is the Johnnie Walker story.

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