James Whale - Metro, Talk Radio, LBC phone-in host

Episode 39,   Apr 09, 2019, 07:34 PM

Call him anything but not a shock jock. This is the story of the Southerner who moved North and defined UK late night radio. 

James Whale began his radio career on Day One at Newcastle’s Metro Radio, before moving to a brief, frustrating stint at BBC Radio Derby. When Radio Aire called, James answered and delivered a programme which was not only to be on radio but on TV too in one of the earliest ever televised radio programmes. Thus began a successful TV career, a rarity for a radio name. James was to appear on a host more stations including, notably, the original Talk Radio UK (later Talk Sport).

In this hour of ‘Conversations’ James opens up about the end of his days there, his career before, his cancer, and his views on BBC local radio. He shares too his reasons for entering the Celebrity Big Brother house – his thoughts on what makes a great broadcaster - and his current radio life.

In his own words, this is the James Whale story.

See the whole 'Conversations' series here. Music by Larry Bryant.

(James's book at http://www.jameswhale.co.uk/books/)