Alan Bailey - Commercial producer Radio Luxembourg & Trent

Episode 43,   Apr 09, 2019, 07:38 PM

He loved the thought of a career in sound, fascinated by the pictures it could create. His early steps in radio took him to Radio Luxembourg's London studios working alongside the greats like Freeman and Everett; and his production was born from the most basic of equipment and a huge amount of creativity.  

He was to become one of the UK commercial radio industry's earliest commercial producers as ILR began in the seventies. His work at Nottingham's Radio Trent was to be recognised consistently in awards. Here he tells of radio's early days, his friendship with Fluff Freeman, his more unsettled times in the industrial strife of the era, and the generous moment he claims as the best in his life.

In his own words, this is the Alan Bailey story.

The whole 'Conversations' series can be previewed here. Music byLarry Bryant.