Christian O'Connell - Juice, 2CR, Virgin, Absolute

Episode 68,   Apr 09, 2019, 09:17 PM

This is the tale of one of the UK’s most respected broadcasters – and one who describes his first visit to a radio station as the most exciting day in his life. 

2CR was his first professional port of call before moving to Juice in Liverpool, then making the headlines at Xfm before being tempted to One Golden Square, where his breakfast tenure at Absolute Radio, and its predecessor brand Virgin, lasted an impressive 12 years. All this, alongside BBC radio appearances, TV and his books.

Christian O'Connell is serious about his entertainment. In this hour of #RadioMoments ‘Conversations’, he talks about the boss he thanks for turning him down; the presenters who inspired him; his influences outside radio; and his thoughts as he leaves for a career in Australia.

In his own words, this is the Christian O’Connell story.

Hear the full Conversations series here. Music by Larry Bryant