Les Ross - BBC Birmingham, Tees, BRMB, Xtra-AM, BBC WM

Episode 71,   Apr 09, 2019, 09:21 PM

This is the life story of the commercial radio broadcaster who fulfilled his dream to work on the local station he loved and how he became its most famous performer. 

In this hour of #radiomoments ‘Conversations’, Les Ross tells of the journey from a job at a registrar’s office to a new BBC Radio Birmingham and his launching the new Radio Tees, before the agony of his transfer to his beloved BRMB. He opens up about his personal challenges, and how he really feels about the management he’s experienced over the years. Plus, what led to his final BRMB goodbye.

In his own words, this is the Les Ross story.

Enjoy the whole Conversations series here. Theme music by Larry Bryant.