ALIVE, Episode 7: Creating Meaningful Alternatives

Apr 10, 2019, 09:45 AM
Paul Ashcroft and Garrick Jones Authors of the book ALIVE: Digital Humans and Their Organizations & Ludic Co-Founders & Partners are joined by guest Paul Miller, award winning coach facilitator, writer and consultant, to discuss the use of digital to create meaningful alternatives and shift mindsets in today’s massively connected digital organisations.

How do we get people to venture into the new digital world, where change is happening incredibly fast? What does the future we have designed looks like and what does this mean for our people? To transform our society, coaches and organisations, we need to create meaningful alternatives for ourselves as digital humans. This requires a vision, inspiring enough to make individuals truly want to see it realised and motivating enough for them to want to contribute to building it. The alternative future that a Leader is looking to create should be meaningfully better or easier than the current reality. 

Hosted by Georg Seiler, produced by John McGinty and Aliki Paolinelis.

ALIVE: Digital Humans and Their Organizations is available on Kindle and paperback on Amazon and all major bookstores in store and online.

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