Live Session: Christopher Darkins

Apr 15, 2019, 07:03 AM

The Hype Magazine caught up with Former NFL Green Bay Packer and Super Bowl Champ Christopher Darkins to discuss the YahLife Nation, its Criminal and Economic Justice Syndicate (CEJS) as well as one of the high-profile cases they are currently working on for Atlanta rapper and community activist Ralo. Ralo became a victim of the federal justice system after aggressively executing a “buy back the block” program which saw him purchase an apartment building and allowing tenants to reside there free of charge while at the same time receiving a stipend to keep body and soul together. Ralo also made national news when he determined he would give his money to the homeless rather than throw it in the strip club. He publicly threw approximately $10,000 to a group of homeless help seekers making headlines. Subsequently, the apartment building was raided and Ralo was later arrested on conspiracy charges. Currently, he’s inexplicably being held without bail.