Elementary School Drama with Comedian Fielding Edlow

Apr 15, 2019, 07:00 AM

Comedian Fielding Edlow shares a story about drama at her daughter’s elementary school.

Comedian Fielding Edlow (Bojack Horseman, Bitter Homes and Gardens) shares a story about her 6 year-old daughter’s school, which give new meaning to the term “tattletale”. Listen to find out what happened! And please visit storyworthypodcast.com! You’ll find special deals courtesy of my sponsors like Third Love BrasBetaBrandEveryPlate, and Robinhood. Just use the promo code STORYWORTHY. When you support my sponsors, you support me! THANK YOU! It’s good karma guys! And please subscribe, rate and review on Apple Podcasts here- http://apple.co/1MceZ2Q Oh, and check out the funniest game in LA, Story Smash, played every month at the Hollywood Improv!