Monday, April 15: Magilla Returns, Game Of Thrones, And Wal-Mart Week Begins In Dumbass News!

Apr 15, 2019, 04:53 PM

Democrat Frank Farricker is also against tolls (0:00), Dumb Ass News - Wal-Mart week begins! A mom does karate in the parking lot, while her son stripped naked and her dog ate cornbread mix (11:20), Senator Blumenthal talks about the proclamation he gave Pam before her roast (16:14), Mitch Hallock on the "Game of Thrones" premiere and the new Star Wars trailer (22:36), and Dumb Ass News - all about Magilla, who abandoned his wife on her birthday weekend to come to Pam's roast and see a Yankee game (34:01).