Episode 121: El Santuario de Lester Rey

Apr 18, 2019, 10:00 AM

Este episodio is for all our Boricuas out there! On this occasion, Babelito sits with Lester Rey, an amazing Chicago musician, to talk about his new projects and the ways his mother's feminism has influenced all his musical adventures. Lester also talks about the reality of being a musician with a day job, his religious upbringing and his principal musical influences, which range from bugaloo to rock. Stay tuned to hear some amazing Chicago band recommendations and a little PSA from Babelito's nephews. And as always make sure to send your questions to AskLWLPod@gmail.com and we might read them on a future episode. #podsincolor #supportbrownpodcasts #supportlatinxpodcasts #lwlpod #supportlatinxmusicians #supportbrownmusicians #supportlocalmusic