The London Marathon warm up with Derek Rae

Episode 86,   Apr 23, 2019, 07:24 PM

Has Shaun got enough zest in the tank ahead of his upcoming challenge? Did Jermaine make it through his RAF fitness test? This week on the Let’s Get Running Podcast the dynamic duo discuss their recent training, along with the latest results from the Brighton and Boston marathons.

Scottish and GB Paralympian, Derek Rae is on the line with Shaun to chat about his training ahead of the London Marathon. Rae took the World Para Athletics Marathon Cup for his class when he completed the 26.2-mile course in just over two hours and 36 minutes back in 2018.

Shaun and Jermaine also wrap up the final entries in the Soar Running Grass Roots Hero competition before the entries are passed onto an independent panel of adjudicators! Finally, they speculate on the times of the winners of London Marathon, and most importantly what time they think Shaun will make!

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