Guests Ora and Isaac Prilleltensky, PhD

Episode 24,  Apr 25, 2019, 03:13 AM

Ora Prilleltensky, PhD, obtained her doctorate in counseling psychology from OISE at the University of Toronto. She is the former director of the major in Human and Social Development at the University of Miami and has also worked in a variety of clinical settings, including a child guidance clinic, a university counseling center and a rehabilitation hospital. She is the author or co-author of four books dealing with well-being, change, and disability. Isaac Prilleltensky, PhD, is the vice provost for institutional culture at the university, where he is also a former dean and professor of educational and psychological studies. He is a community psychologist with interests in the connection between wellness and fairness. He has published ten books and over 130 scientific papers and chapters. He is the recipient of awards by the American Psychological Association for his scholarly work and by the National Newspaper Association for his humor writing.

Based on their research, recent books on well-being and change, and on their family and professional experience, the Prilleltenskys will discuss the emotional and relational side of FSHD. Ora, who uses an electric wheelchair, was diagnosed with FSHD at age 18. She and Isaac have been married for 36 years. For them, FSHD is a family affair that is best managed within the context of a loving and supportive relationship. The goal of the session is to provide a safe space for participants to share experiences, connect with others, and explore solutions that fit their needs and circumstances.