Episode 122: José Villalobos

Apr 25, 2019, 10:00 AM

FavyFav and Babelito visit Austin, TX this week and chat with one of their favorite artists, José Villalobos. As a sculptor and performance artist working in Texas and the border, Villalobos has managed to create a body of work that tackles issues of queer identity and erasure without relying on old stereotypes nor  expected old tropes. Instead, Villalobos has dismantled narratives of Latinx identity in the U.S. and has brought to the scene a new and refreshing take on queer aesthetics and politics that are bound to entertain, educate and mesmerize. Listen to this conversation and learn how artists that do not live in the “center” can have amazing careers working from the “peripheries” of the art-world! And as always make sure to send your questions to AskLWLPod@gmail.com and we might read them on a future episode. #podsincolor #supportbrownpodcasts #supportlatinxpodcasts #lwlpod #supportlatinxartists #supportbrownartists #supportlocalart