Thursday, April 25: Celebs Leaving Connecticut, The East Haven PD Stops By, NFL Draft, And More!

Apr 25, 2019, 02:49 PM

Paul Simon's moving out of Connecticut (0:00), Washington State Senator "apologizes" for saying "nurses play cards" (20:44), Dumb Ass News - What did the hillbilly say? (26:23), East Haven police Lt. Murgo and Sgt. Mulhern talk about Flanders the Intern's road rage and their Cow Plop event (30:05), the golfer attacked by a rabid bobcat spoke to NBC Connecticut (42:26), NFL agent Joe Linta on the NFL Draft (55:32), and Jimmy Koplik on Lollapalooza, Bob Seger, the Bridgeport Amphitheater, and questions from the Tribe (1:02:04).