Read On - Best of Boswell Book Festival

May 10, 11:55 AM

Robert Kirkwood goes through the archive to find some of the best interviews from previous Boswell Book Festivals as he looks forward to this year's event.

Gordon Turnbull tells Red Szell about the history of James Boswell. (Starts at 1.20)

Victor Gregg tells Robert the story behind his book Rifleman (Starts at 6.50)

Dame Judi Dench talks to Red about narrating books and her macular degeneration. (Starts at 18.10)

Guardian columnist and convicted murderer Erwin James talks about his book Redeemable (Starts at 22.30)

Bomber pilot George Dunn talks to Robert Kirkwood about his remarkable military service (Starts at 33.35) 

Nigel Havers talks about his autobiography 'Playing With Fire' (Starts at 38.45)

And never heard before, Alexander McCall Smith gives Red Szell the books of his life (Starts at 49.00)