Is it possible to help the planet and save cash – and would a Prius make you happy?

Apr 26, 02:48 PM

We haven't glued ourselves to train carriages, politician fences or the London Stock Exchange.

No, this week's This is Money podcast opts for a less confrontational approach to the environment, with useful tips and tricks that are good for the planet as well as your wallet. 

Simon Lambert, Lee Boyce and Georgie Frost look at the green movement and what it means for the financial industry and businesses. Are they doing enough? 

Alongside that, we look at what we - the consumer - can do to help the environment and save money along the way.

Simon has three places you can make a big difference by adding pressure or changing behaviour, from picking green energy deals, to what to do about flying. 

Meanwhile, the hybrid car of choice, the Toyota Prius, isn't just for Uber drivers and eco-conscious celebrities as it tops a survey of most satisfying motors to drive. 

Elsewhere, outside of the green bubble – we look at where a pair of 40something business owners with no pension should invest. 

We continue to puzzle over the baffling state pension top-up system and ask: just how far over the limit could you potentially drive in your area before being issued with a ticket?