127- Taylor Swift And ME!

Apr 26, 05:32 PM

Something very big happened last night and we all want to talk about it! We even dressed the part! Taylor Swift released a new song late last night.. Some of us were up and very, very talkative. Others slept through the excitement. 

Amy and Lacey, joined by the special Taylor Swift investigative reporter Ana Castillejos (from the On Cloud Wine and Channel Surfing podcasts), and special guest appearances by Big Al Mack (Kidd Kraddick Morning Show), Nick Adams (Shut Up! podcast), and Cami! Yes... THAT one. We break down all things Taylor Swift. She left so many Easter eggs for us to crack and we did... Ana read everything on the internet too and she gives us her expert opinion on it all. 

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Have a wonderful weekend and may all of your Taylor Swift dreams come true!

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