Deconstructing Amazon Prime's 'Made In Heaven'

Apr 26, 2019, 08:48 PM

Film Companion’s Suchin Mehrotra joins Shah Shahid to discuss the new Amazon Prime original Indian series, Made In Heaven, and breaks down the shows successes and failures.


My non-Spoiler Review of Made In Heaven.

Suchin’s Interview with Shashank Arora. 

Shah and I discuss what they liked best about Made In Heaven.

How Made In Heaven separates itself from the usual TV format of storytelling.

Are the characters of Made In Heaven redeemed by the end?

Did Tara cheat?

We discuss how various forms of representation is handled by Made In Heaven.

Is Made In Heaven ‘classist’ or misrepresenting towards class issues in India? 

Suchin and I discuss why they enjoy Zoya Akhtar’s works, in comparison to other active directors right now. 

Find out what both Suchin and I agree is the biggest problem of 

Made In Heaven.

Suchin’s round-up of Indian Streaming services available at Film Companion.

Suchin breaks down how Streaming platforms are benefitting on-screen talent, as much as off-screen talent. 


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