Deconstructing Amazon Prime's Made In Heaven

Episode 57,   Apr 26, 2019, 08:48 PM

Film Companion’s Suchin Mehrotra joins Shah Shahid to discuss the new Amazon Prime original Indian series, Made In Heaven, and breaks down the shows successes and failures.

  • My non-Spoiler Review of Made In Heaven.
  • Suchin’s Interview with Shashank Arora. 
  • Suchin and I discuss what they liked best about Made In Heaven.
  • How Made In Heaven separates itself from the usual TV format of storytelling.
  • Are the characters of Made In Heaven redeemed by the end?
  • Did Tara cheat?
  • We discuss how various forms of representation is handled by Made In Heaven.
  • Is Made In Heaven ‘classist’ or misrepresenting towards class issues in India? 
  • Suchin and I discuss why they enjoy Zoya Akhtar’s works, in comparison to other active directors right now. 
  • Find out what both Suchin and I agree is the biggest problem of Made In Heaven.
  • Suchin’s round-up of Indian Streaming services available at Film Companion.
  • Suchin breaks down how Streaming platforms are benefitting on-screen talent, as much as off-screen talent. 


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